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Wesbite Disclaimer


}Wharfedale Associates Limited (“WAL") is a limited company incorporated in England and Wales. Company number 10029674. Registered office 3 Acorn Business Park, Airedale Business Centre, Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 2UE.

The information contained on this website is believed to be reliable but no guarantee, representation or warranty, express or implied, is made by WAL as to its accuracy or completeness. WAL is under no obligation to update, modify or amend any of the contents of this website.


All opinions contained on the website constitute WAL’s judgement, are subject to change without notice and are provided in good faith but without legal responsibility. All of the views expressed on the website reflect the views of WAL only.

The material on this website is provided as general information and may not have regard to the particular circumstances or needs of any specific person who may read it. To the full extent permitted by law WAL accepts no responsibility for and shall have no liability for any loss, damages or for any liability to a third party in relation to this website.

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